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A Message to All Grade 12 Learners!

News Hub Creator 05/28/2020

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President Cyril Ramaphosa officially announced that Schools will be re-opening on the 1st of June 2020.

Besides being worried about getting infected with Coronavirus, both parents and matriculants are also worried about the year's academic perfomance.

Many matriculates fear that they might fail the 2020 academic year but this young man is here to give them hope. From Zero to hero!

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"I wish we’d share this to all the Matriculants .....

In 2014 I failed Matric I mean I didn’t even appear on the news paper I saw my fellow schoolmates celebrating and I couldn’t congratulate any because I was sad stressing and depressed...2015 I went back again they were doing 1st year in Tertiary I then passed very well B(XhoHL) then 2016 I was working on a supermarket they were doing their 2nd year simply because I never had funds to pursue my studies it was only in 2017 when I became a student Pilot and they were doing their 3rd Year but what matters most is last year(2018) I Qualified as a Private Pilot it hasn’t been easy but I made it....

If you’d ask me anything I’ve learnt throughout this whole scenario I’d tell you....

Expensive dreams don’t come cheap

Success doesn’t come easy

Dreams do come true

You can win if you want to

Suicide excite your haters we don’t want that

You can always make it through only if you...

Acknowledge your mistakes

Neglected all the negativity people say

Self-Motivation brings your best Performance

Self-Discipline helps improve decision making

Don’t compare yourself with others

Remain in your route and stay Focused

Never let them belittle you

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So if it happens that you fail always remember that you’re not the first one to fail people before you have failed too and went back again to claim victory I failed too I know how it feels like but I went back again I then passed also remember that athletes start their race at the same time but finish up in different times....we’re all going to make it but that all depends on our efforts...Don’t allow people to intimidate you with their criticism

Aim is to let you know you have a story that was never told...only you can tell it at its best...you have a dream waiting for you to grab it with both of your hands.




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Top Comments
CedricS-kaayBeamer · 05/28/2020
we get your message, I'm a grade 12 learner who is suppose to travel from limpopo to gauteng, I'm in a special. by that time there were no Corona virus as a crisis, as you said you went to school again on 2015 if u managed to pass in 2015 I rather repeat a grade than losing a life
MakhosazanaNkosi · 05/28/2020
that's very wise son,better safe than sorry
Mariolefleur · 05/28/2020
And remember. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Peace.
MokoenaTaylor · 05/28/2020
Thank you for your inspiring us I'm also grade 12 learn, but what about pandemic.....😭

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