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This is What Will Happen if you Don't File Nil Returns Before Tomorrow

Bkjake 06/29/2020

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Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is a government organization responsible of all imposing and receiving all taxes in Kenya.

The taxes collected by KRA is allocated to budget and used to run the government. Therefore, KRA require all citizens with KRA pin to file returns.

Many Kenyans who have kra pin usually fail to file nill returns (for those without registered businesses or those who are not employed) not knowing that a penalty of Ksh. 2000 is imposed on them.

Notably, filing nill returns in cyber cafe will cist you only Ksh. 50. On the other hand ignoring this will cost a huge penalty. This penalty can accumulate over years and even amount to millions of money.

For instance, let's say u registered kra pin when joining university and you fail to file returns 4 or 5 years depending on the course you are taking. Then after university let's say you stay another 10 years before being employed- and for this years you haven't been filing returns. For 15 years you will have a penalty of 30000 thousands plus interest can add up to 50k.

So to avoid this issues, walk to a nearest cyber cafe and file returns before 30th June 2020.

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