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Bullet for bullet: Official orders armed N Rift bandits killed 04/17/2020

Baringo county is home of the Tugens, Pokots and Ilchamus pastoralists

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Rift Valley Regional Commissioner Gorge Natembeya has issued a shoot-to-kill order against armed bandits in North Rift.

Natembeya said whoever holds an illegal firearm and uses it to kill an innocent person has no right to live.

“Firearm for firearm. You kill a Kenyan with your gun then expect also to be killed. Bandits are not the only ones who know how to kill,” he said.

The administrator was addressing reporters after a closed-door security meeting at the Kenya School of Government in Kabarnet town, Baringo county, on Thursday.

“We are here today to restore law and order and ensure our people are living peacefully in their homes without fearing attacks,” Natembeya said in the company of Baringo commissioner Henry Wafula and regional Criminal Investigative Officer Festus Malinge.

His order comes at a time when armed bandits have heightened attacks and killed six people, injured three and displaced hundreds of residents in Baringo.

The county is inhabited by the warring Tugend, Pokotd and Ilchamus, who are all pastoralists.

More than 800 people including children, expectant women and the elderly have been displaced in the volatile parts of Chemoe, Yatya, Kagir and Ngratuko in Baringo North and Arabal, Kasiela and Sirata in Baringo South.

“People are not supposed to lose their lives and that is why we are here to restore law and order,” Natembeya said.

He warned those planning the raids that they will not like what will happen to them.

“Of course I will not share more information of our strategies here in the media because the criminal are listening,” he said.

He urged the people and communities to reject the bandits and provide police with information on their hideouts.

He further called on everyone to play their role with the objective of restoring peace.

“All of us must read from the same page as partners in this mission to fight insecurity.”

He said it has been difficult to prosecute bandits in the Kenyan courts because the affected people failed to present themselves as witnesses if a bandit is arrested.

It is believed over 6,000 illegal firearms are still in the hands of the residents in the entire North Rift region.

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Top Comments
Anyole_01 · 04/17/2020
killing by the gun U will also be killed by the other gun
MichaelKataron · 04/17/2020
Mr natembeya. Do pokot manufacture guns?? Do they have storage facility of guns an ammunutions?? Have you ever visited kolowa, kipnai, ngingang, chemolingot, tilingwo??? Pls pls pls tell your government to offer development priorities to pokot( tiaty). Pokots are on their own because they have been neglected for long. Shooting is not the solution. Development is the only way forward.
MuriaKen · 04/17/2020
Bwana Commissioner, stop going round n round. Track the elders blessing this bandits including some leaders. Give orders to the chiefs that the stolen animals should not pass through their areas. Let the chiefs warn their residents that if they allow stolen animal's pass through their area, they will contribute payment of the stolen animal's... n the all community will fight the vice.

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