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Leave Ruto alone, Kalenjin elders tell Kikuyu counterparts 04/21/2020

Lochinga told them to leave the DP alone and direct their anger at the ‘right people’

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Some elders from Kerio Valley in Elgeyo Marakwet have hit back at their Kikuyu counterparts for criticising DP William Ruto for ‘reigniting 2022 succession politics'.

Chairman Minanyang Lochinga and secretary Joel Kimaiyo told the Kikuyu Council of Elders led by Wachira Kiago (chairman) and secretary general Peter Munga to keep off the activities of the Deputy President.

Kiago and Munga blasted Ruto for allegedly engaging in 2022 politics in the wake of coronavirus.

But Lochinga told them to leave the DP alone and direct their anger at the ‘right people’ as far as the wrangles in the Jubilee Party are concerned.

“It is baseless and hypocritical for the likes of Kiago and Munga to claim that Ruto is engaging in 2022 politics when he questioned the unlawful changes in Jubilee instead of directing their anger at the party’s officials – Raphael Tuju and David Murathe," Lochinga told the Star.

The elders said the fraudulent changes that were executed at the party were carried out by individuals who are still living in the past. They said they do not understand why Kiago and Munga never condemned such a move.

“Munga and Kiago should know that Kenyans are not fools. We know who they are speaking for. What we want to tell them is that time is long gone when the dynasties and deep state dictated the leaders we should elect. They should know that the hustler nation is rising,” Kimaiyo said.

Lochinga added, “If they [Munga and Kiago] are genuine elders, they should have told Tuju and Murathe to stop engaging in politics and join other leaders in the fight against the coronavirus. But they instead directed their anger at the DP to please their masters.”

Kimaiyo said the duo – Munga and Kiago – want to ensure the ‘hustler’ is nowhere near power.

“Some individuals from rich families in this country must be very disappointed that a hustler like William Ruto is now the Deputy President. This is why they are doing everything possible to prevent him from taking over from President Uhuru Kenyatta because they just think of themselves," Kimaiyo said.

He said the country is not only for the well-to-do in society.

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Top Comments
+254-70021**** · 04/21/2020
Kiago and Munga are guns for hire and do not speak for us here in the mountain. Wakwende na huko watuachie DP wetu alaaa
GideonMachau · 04/21/2020
there is no debate in Kikuyu land on who to support cz we all know the next President is Dr William ruto,tunampenda,
ThomasKihoro · 04/21/2020
l have asked before,who put them to be Kikuyu elders ?this are people lookin for hangovers ,in a name of elders,as the other person said,if really they are genuine elders,go first talk to Yuki,Murathe and Atwoli
MartinKariuki_06 · 04/21/2020
Mt Kenya ragion totally behind ruto,ujinga ya elders kitambo siku za Mila na desturi zetu na zilisha Isha.

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