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Police Officers Beat Up Health Worker During Curfew Hours 04/21/2020

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Medics conducting random screening for Covid-19 symptoms at National Archives, Nairobi on Saturday, March 21, 2020
  • A family in Kisii County is seeking justice after a medic, who is their kin, was attacked by security officers.

    The medics father, Hezron Omayio, narrated that his son, James Atogo, was attacked while he was headed home.

    Omayio stated that his son, a Kisii Municipality Public Health Officer, was delivering drugs to a patient during curfew hours when the incident took place.

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    The Aga Khan Hospital located in Kisumu


    Further, the medic's father alleged that his son was not given time to explain why he was out at the time.

    "Good Samaritans rushed him to Nambale Health Centre and he was referred to Aga Khan in Kisumu."

    Medical professionals and health workers are part of essential service providers that are exempted from the 10-hour curfew that begins at 7 pm and ends at 5 am.

    The incident took place days after Kenyatta National Hospital CEO Dr Evanson Kamuri warned Kenyans against being hostile towards health workers.

    Specifically, Kamuri stated that some Kenyans visiting quarantine facilities were physically abusing health workers.

    "Let us start behaving especially for some of the people who are going into the quarantine facilities, they are becoming hostile even to the workers.

    "Some of the workers have been physically abused by some of you out there," Kamuri stated.

    He warned the abusers, stating that health workers were putting their lives on the line and they needed to be respected.

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    Kenyatta National Hospital acting Chief Executive Officer Evanson Kamuri addresses the media on May 31, 2019

    Daily Nation

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    Top Comments
    stanley.wawire · 04/21/2020
    you meet police in the dark. you expect them to listen to you. with these curfew avoid them like leper by the end of coronavirus police will have killed more than coronavirus.
    PatrickKimenjo · 04/21/2020
    health worker kwanini wapitie mangumu nandio tunawa kondolea macho kwakazi Yao nzuli poleni Sana wanao pitia haya
    farbishisedia · 04/21/2020
    akili yao haina akili ata
    farbishisedia · 04/21/2020
    wengine wamefuata mtu hadi akakufa this guys with D- shld not even be watchmen this guys are killers

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