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Murkomen & Junet Go After Each Others Throats on Live TV [VIDEO] 03/12/2020

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  • Citizen TV's JKlive Show was the stage of a heated debate between Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and Suna East MP Junet Mohamed on Wednesday night, March 11.

    The bone of contention was the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), and the recent barrage of attacks on Deputy President William Ruto by a faction of legislators.

    Murkomen stated that it was strange that President Uhuru Kenyatta seemed indifferent to statements being made against his second in command.

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    Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen (left), Suna East MP Junet Mohammed (centre) and Jeff Koinange pictured during the JKlive show on March 11, 2020.


    "Has the President ever cared to find out why certain ministers attack his deputy publicly?” Murkomen posed.

    However, Junet interjected and threatened to walk out of the show if his counterpart was going to discuss what he termed as fake assassination attempts on Ruto, insisting that it was a crybaby move to secure sympathy votes.

    "We cannot be here a whole night discussing whether or not the Deputy President’s – someone who has a battalion of recce squad officers – life is in danger," the infuriated legislator remarked.

    Murkomen fueled the showdown even further when he alluded that the BBI was being used as a political tool used by individuals who could not accept defeat.

    Junet saw this as a direct attack on former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, following his record of contesting election results.

    Not one to lie down quietly, the Suna East legislator rubbished the senator's theories, adding that Raila could not have hijacked the BBI for personal political gain.

    "How do you hijack your own product? The BBI is a product of the handshake between the president Kenyatta and Raila. These people are against the handshake, not the BBI. They think the handshake was brought to stop Ruto from becoming president,

    "I can tell you, whether there is a handshake or no handshake, William Ruto has zero chances of becoming the president of Kenya," Junet stated in his rebuttal.

    Watch the two politicians going at each other below:

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    Top Comments
    +254-72092**** · 03/12/2020
    Kenyans, these are politicians and they're doing politics.unfortunatly they are doing politics with your lives to gain for themselves. By now they would have been talking , arguing how to fight locust, coronavirus,drugs in public facilities.becouse drugs from urupien countries are now minimal due coronavirus.instead they are using our future on the line for their own good. Kenya if we can't wake up , we are going to cry remain poor as politicians are adding weight and wealth,Ave said my own ooo
    KoskeiEnock · 03/12/2020
    Junet anza kusoea your next president
    JaredOnsarigoOnditi · 03/12/2020
    2022 is far who knows will be there
    AbdirizakAbdi · 03/12/2020
    junet stop misleading Kenyans. our kenya is for those who do not accept results after elections.

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