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Pamela Odame About To Lose Her Big Breast Title As Another Big Breast Emerges

News Hub Creator 05/31/2020

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There is a long standing Big breast victory for Pamela Odame in Ghana. Known and famed mainly because of her big breast that mostly weighs and nearly rip out the very bra it holds.

Today, the long standing title is about to end as a new young blood has emerged. The pretty damsel has a considerably fresh face and appears very young in age. Unlike Pamela, her breast appears much heavier and this has gotten netizens talking about the turn of fact.

Pamela has being featured in many music videos, TV series and many interviews. In her interviews, most host(especially the males) are always swift to have a hold of the big breast Pamela possesses. Kofi Adoma, Kwaku Manu and Lil Wayne have all had a feel.

Pamela was alleged by Kennedy Agyapong to have dated Bishop Obinim and owns a house from the sexual affair she had with the self acclaimed "Angel" of God.

Pamela Odame Watara is an actress,model,video vixen and a social media sensation born by a Ghanaian mother to a Kenyan father on the 5th of June 1996 in Kenya. She claims to be currently studying Marketing in Wisconsin University, Accra Ghana.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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Top Comments
DerrickAddai_01 · 05/31/2020
useless story
+1-(802)297-7928 · 05/31/2020
Pamela is the best,because a slim girl carrying this load,you it is easy right,the other girl with this big carrying this smal thing and you are comparing,please Pamela for ever,hehehe
CharlesYarfoh · 05/31/2020
Pamela wins because she is cute and doesn't carry too much flesh.
maudfamiyeh · 05/31/2020
let's consider this that, Pamela is slim but the other lady is fat so you may think hers is bigger but Pamela's is bigger than her

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