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Young Christians must go out and work

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Romas 8 :19

For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.

2 Thessalonians 3:10

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you: that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

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We read in the bible about the job description of apostle Paul:being a tent maker and making profit as a Christian, Jesus Christ and His heavenly father Joseph were carpenters,earning a living, Luke was a doctor, Peter a fisherman etc etc.

We the last generation are a lazy Christian generation that doesn't want to go out there and make a living instead we all start ministries for offerings and tithes, that why we can see so many 'churches' around our townships,especially we find young men of God leading these churches, why are we all dreaming of being pastors, prophets etc while there are many opportunities and careers for Young people out there,instead of being men and women of cloth why not try medicine, doctors or nurses, why not try engineering,police officers the world is groaning waiting for Christians in careers.

Christians are one of the poorest people in this world, because they are all waiting for a miracle instead of going out there and making it big instead of making the pastor rich, why not make yourself rich?. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

This world is like this because the people who must take initiative are relaxing and comfortable, a world where corruption and unfairness rules, because there are people without morals, with no love and fear for God in position, the Bible in Roman's 8 verse 19 state that the whole creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed, to be revealed in all walks of life,in parliament they must be revealed, In courts, hospitals as doctors, in schools they must be revealed.

Young Christians you can still go out and make it big, if you can put your mind in it you can achieve, we are waiting to see Profesional football players who are saved, nurses, lawyers who are Christians, don't be to comfortable, don't die in shame and poverty as a child of God.. You are royalty..

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