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Dont get married if you are not ready

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Dont get married if you are not ready marriages fall apart this days people cheat this days because thier partners are broke since is lockdown woman's don't just get it thier always cause fight from nowhere.

We have to respect them how thier feel about us we don't have to force them to pretend if thier stilllove us we should let them go remember woman abuse is not right we have to respect how the feel about us as man's.

Respecting a relationship does not mean you are stupid you are trying to build a family, life is good only if you know your story don't get into relationship to hurt others relationships need somebody who is ready and matured don't play with someone's heart.

If you really love someone show it don't hide it that's when your partners become our best friend respect your relationship and fight for it love is not easy but remember you can't live alone you have to have someone in our life's.

If you respect your relationship thers no way you can fail it lets fight for the best we don't have to abuse our woman's we are nothing without them in marriages we beg and be humble.

Let's stop hurting our woman's if she says no stop it she says don't she means no woman's are the queens and we have to respect them and make sure thier are always happy let's put smile in the spirit the means a lot to us and thier are the best without them we are nothing.

During this crisis lets make sure we do not fight them because woman's are dying out there let's stop killing our sisters the deserve to live a better life, muder is muder it does not matter who you are let's treat them well with love and respect.

God bless our country

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