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KZN councillor murdered in front of his kids

Wandi$ 06/25/2020

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The family of the Umlazi councillor, who was gunned down and killed in his yard while his kids witnessed the ordeal with their bare eyes, have became open about the nightmare experience.

Ward 84 councillor Bhekithemba Phungula, who was also an ANC branch chairperson, lost his life to many bullets that were fired at him by unknown assasins sprayed him with bullets on his house at eNgonyameni, south of Durban, on Tuesday evening.

Talking out after seeing her father's gruesome murder, Nqobile Phungula said they were flabbergasted and wouldn't have thought that in a million years such a thing would occur at their home as her father was a hard-worker who worked for the people of the community.

"As a family, we have no suspicions of anything because at the moment we don't know much. We are still awaiting to hear what happened and we are all still in shock about how this happened."

She said her father never mentioned about feeling threatened.

"He had never mentioned anything about intimidation, and nothing up until this point had happened, to raise suspicions. We were really shocked when it happened right in front of us."

Phungula said she had went to the hospital and returned home at the very same time as her father.

"Our cars entered the yard one behind the other. When he got out of the car, a person we do not know approached. I don't know where they came from."

She said she heard two shots being fired and saw her father collapse to the floor.

"We didn't see the suspect and what he looked like, but we are shocked that dad was shot inside the yard and right in front of us. My eyes are like this (bloodshot and puffy) because we couldn't sleep last night because we don't know what will follow and who these people are."

Phungula said they now had to put their father to his final resting place and entrusted in the law to take its course.

"My dad was a quiet person, who loved people and loved his community. He had a lot of love for the community and he always put them first as their councillor. We have suffered a great loss."

KZN Premier Sihle Zikalala on Wednesday announced the resuscitation of the Multi-Party-Political Intervention Committee to combat rampant killings in the province this week.

He directed the MEC for Transport, Community Safety and Liaison, Bheki Ntuli, to come up with a plan of action to combat the murders.

Wandi$: The counsellor was killed in such a cruel manner in front of his kids that is the worst part! And I believe that whoever did this was a hitman ordered by "someone" to kill the counsellor because he was an enemy of the counsellor or wanted something from the counsellor.

The assassins who murdered the counsellor were closely watching him while he parked his car and waited for the correct moment to strike, And I know what happened to this family is a tragedy but I feel like the counsellor 's kids who witnessed his murder are lucky to have escaped the incident unharmed.

It is such a shocking thing to Phungula that something of this sort was done to her father who was a respectable figure in the community, but when you are a leader there's be those people who don't agree with your leadership skills and will therefore do everything that they can do bring you down at all costs even if it means they have to kill you they will gladly do so.

The counsellor never mentioned a thing about feeling threatened because most probably he felt that he wasn't threatened, because the people who killed him ddint want to expose themselves to him. In politics most executions that occur are ordered by other politicians who might be jealous of your success.

The man was loved by his community but not everybody is gonna like or love you no matter how much you try there's even an English saying that says 'not everybody is gonna love you because you are not money' which is the case with the counsellor. He probably did good for his community but some people ddint see good he did and that makes me believe that is the reason he was murdered.

The law must defenitely take its course in ensuring that the suspects are brought to book, but I can imagine how difficult it is gonna be for the cops to apprehend the men who did this because there's no lead whatsoever up to this point and if lucky cases like these ones may take a long time to be solved.

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