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The only way SA could attain economic independence

Porter3rd 06/26/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. It is with great pleasure to wake up this morning and discuss the issues affecting the Motherland (South Africa).

At a primary level we were taught that raw materials comes from the land at their raw form without being processed. This is common cause.

The point being emphasised here is that South Africa is not entirely economical independent. The reason for such bold statement being uttered is that South Africa attains raw materials from nature in their raw form.

What seems to be lacking is the machines to process the raw materials into final products. For example, gold is extracted from nature in its raw form then exported for processing then imported as a final product.

The effect of this is the pricing or costs for such products. Gold in its natural or raw form is less expensive whereas as a final product it's very expensive.

The effect of this is that South Africa spends more money on importing the final products. The presence of foreign multinational companies in South Africa is also not granting South Africa its economic independence.

Instead of South African companies extracting the raw materials from nature and processing them locally and ensuring that the money made out of those products is kept in South Africa, foreign multinational companies are the ones responsible for such.

The model being proposed here is to establish local companies that specialises in processing raw materials into final products so that South Africa can attain economic development.

By: Porter

Source: opera.com
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