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The Pharmaceutical Association sends strong warning to all South Africans

Adejib 06/25/2020

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The Independent Community Pharmacy Association of South Africa (ICPA) has raised the alarm that people should stop using dexamethasone in protecting themselves against COVID-19.

The association said they have heard series of report where people believe the drug can used as prevention from having COVID-19. They emphasised dexamethasone cannot stop people from getting the coronavirus or any other infection.

It warned people against the misuse of dexamethasone. The Pharmaceutical association said they had heard about several instances where people buy the drug in numbers with believe could prevent them against COVID-19.

They warned that dexamethasone cannot prevent COVID19 but would rather weaken the immune systems. The release said such self-medication is wrong assumption.

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Dexamethasone came into COVID-19 limelight during a clinical trial led by researchers at Oxford University where it was found that when administered intravenously in small doses, dexamethasone reduced death rates by around a third among the most severely ill coronavirus patients.

Although, President Cyril Ramaphosa in his address last week made mention of the drug which was also produced in South Africa, he said they will also consider using it but not as preventatives but only for severe cases on patients in ventilators.

The drug is recommended used to treat patient in ventilators with reseach that it could reduced the morality rate by one-third. The reseach conducted through a preliminary results for the comparison of dexamethasone 6 mg given once daily for up to ten days vs. usual care alone. The primary outcome was 28-day mortality.


2104 patients randomly allocated to receive dexamethasone were compared with 4321 patients concurrently allocated to usual care. Overall, 454 (21.6%) patients allocated dexamethasone and 1065 (24.6%) patients allocated usual care died within 28 days (age-adjusted rate ratio [RR] 0.83; 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.74 to 0.92; P<0.001).

The proportional and absolute mortality rate reductions varied significantly depending on level of respiratory support at randomization (test for trend p<0.001): Dexamethasone reduced deaths by one-third in patients receiving invasive mechanical ventilation.

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In patients hospitalized with COVID-19, dexamethasone reduced 28-day mortality among those receiving invasive mechanical ventilation or oxygen at randomization, but not among patients not receiving respiratory support.

Dexamethasone, a corticosteroid, should not be taken to prevent COVID-19 or to treat mild symptoms of COVID-19. A recent study from the UK showed very promising results only for patients who were severely ill and critically ill. This study did not find any benefit in patients with mild disease, meaning those not on oxygen therapy. 

The association said many people who use this as COVID-19 prevention are putting their lives at more risk. Last week, the health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize has said over 300,000 dexamethasone is now available in the country.

However, the Wits University will soon start the test of his first made COVID-19 vaccine lauched yesterday. The vaccines already have over 2000 volunteers cut across not only medical practitioners but also volunteers from age 18 and 65 will be the first on African soil will begin testing this week.

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JohnMakhabane · 06/25/2020
Plandemic. So what are they proposing?? Oh, wait a minute, vaccines right?? Bunch of hypocrits and manipulators.

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