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Back to school: Covid-19 bites harder in Eastern Cape, Angie Motshekga to close schools soon?

Delucidpen 06/25/2020

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In barely 72 hours, more than 200 covid-19 infections have been recorded in Eastern Cape schools. On Tuesday, news broke that Makaula Senior Secondary School recorded 204 positive covid-19 cases. This was followed by another news that the West Bank Senior Secondary School in King William's Town closed after a staff member and a Grade 12 pupil tested positive for the corona virus. Breaking news on News24 this afternoon has it that another eighteen pupils have tested positive for Covid-19 at top rural Eastern Cape boarding school named Nyanga High School, in Ngcobo. According the news, the principal Khululi Qamata said the school registered its first case on 15th June, after tests were conducted five days before, on 10 June.

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The school invited the Eastern Cape Department of Health workers on 16th June to test 30 pupils who were either showing covid-19 symptoms or identified as close contacts of people with covid-19. When the test results were released, 17 out of the 30 pupils tested positive, six are awaiting results, while seven tested negative. As a result, the school has advised its grade 9 pupils not to return on Monday during its second phasing-in process, pupils who tested negative to the virus were sent home while the principal also confirmed that academic activities have been suspended in the school to focus on ensuring safety. Qamata added that parents of pupils who tested negative, didn't show symptoms, or do not meet the criteria of pupils to be tested this week, are encouraged to fetch the learners and keep them at home.

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In his words, ‘learners who will be tested this week will have to wait for results before being taken home for the safety of everyone at home. We are hopeful that the learners will abide by covid-19 safety precautions whilst at home’. Since the reopening of schools on 8th June many schools have had to close due to corona virus infections. Although Angie Motshekga has recently argued that the corona virus cases being reported in schools at this time is an indication that many people already had the corona virus, but they didn’t know it until they were screened and identified by health workers, calls have continued to mount for schools to be closed down until the winter season is over.

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Motshekga has also assured the country that that her department will continue to work hard in schools to make sure that learners, teachers, and employees are protected from covid-19, however, none of her words seems to be changing anything with regards to the rising calls for schools to close. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU), National Association of Schools Governing Bodies and the National Professional Teachers of South Africa (NAPTOSA) are amongst the organizations who have raised their voices to advise that the minister for basic education reverse her decision to reopen schools as covid-19 infections have increased. Angie Motshekga has however revealed plans to return more learners to school soon, the rising corona virus infections notwithstanding.

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idaSiyobi_01 · 06/25/2020
RamaselaRabothata · 06/25/2020
Why is she not understanding even if she see that people are dying
GUEST_OWglkG9py · 06/26/2020
this thing etlo nna worse ha bana ba bula ka bongata ka di 6 tsa July....oh mme Angie eba le kutlwelo bohloko ka bana ba rona le ma tichere abona...

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