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Can You Imagine Going through the Coronavirus without the Internet?

Lorena2018 06/25/2020

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These are some of the questions that have ran through my mind for the past couple of weeks while in quarantine here in South Africa. How fast the information is flowing; how quickly are we getting real-time updates on the spread of the virus, as well as the vast library of content we have at our disposal, not only to keep us healthy, but also entertained and engaged. Take a moment and imagine what your life would be like if, while you are reading this now, the Internet disappeared for an indefinite period of time ... most of us didn't know what to do with our lives, the panic would instill, people would revolt.

But there was a time before that that I still remember vividly, because it was the time when I grew up. There wasn't much to do inside, even the books you had on the shelves were quite outdated and smelled funny. We spent most of our time watching television, learning about the world through a carefully selected filter of what others considered important enough to share with us.

Imagine having to go through the coronavirus pandemic in the 80s or 90s. Everyone who is working from home today would be fired, companies would go bankrupt, resulting in complete chaos. The internet solved all that. Horrible things happened, things we never knew. But times have changed. With the internet, information is free, we become creators and consumers. Today we are the novelty.

Because of the internet, we learned about what is happening in Wuhan at the same pace as the country's president. The second thing we learned was what others are doing or saying that we should do about it long before any of our employees make a press release. We are willing to stay at home, because most of the things we love are inside our houses anyway. We have this library of almost infinite content at our fingertips so we can move forward for a few weeks.

The internet is by far one of the greatest technological advances the world has ever seen. And your ability to take advantage of that change will determine how happy and fulfilled your life will be.The coronavirus considered the importance and value of the internet.

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NarcisoBençãoJr. · 06/25/2020
its not easy

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