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Khayelitsha family wants answers after man dies in police custody

Tbla 06/26/2020

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A family in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, wants the police to explain why one of their family members, taken into custody on Monday, was found dead in a cell at Khayelitsha police station the next day.

Sakhiwo Mbonyongwana had been accused of murdering his 36-year-old girlfriend.

"We were told that the community has sorted him out and they took him to the police station," said Phumla Mnkulwa, a family member of the deceased.

The family says they went to Khayelitsha police station on Tuesday morning, but were told they will only see him on Wednesday, when he was to appear in the Khayelitsha Court.

"On Wednesday, we went to court. He was not there. We asked people working in the court which courtroom he will appear in, and we were shocked when we were told that his name is not there, so he won't be appearing in court that day," said Mnkulwa.

Nomonde Mbaba, a neighbour of Mbonyongwana, said detectives had come to Mbonyongwana's home, and he learned of the death from them.

Mbaba informed the family.

On Thursday, GroundUp spoke to family members outside the Khayelitsha police station.

Mnkulwa said they had been going to the station every day since Tuesday, but did not get answers.

"How come Sakhiwo died in police cells?" asked Nontombi Mbonyongwana, the deceased's sister.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
skhova · 06/27/2020
It's painful to you that he is dead but what about that family who.lost their loved one because of your son. .Ask God not police.

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