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See pictures of Malema’s mansion in Sandton

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Julius Malema who is the well known Political heavyweight of South Africa, who is the leader of the enlightened christian gathering has a luxurious mansion in Sandton.

Malema’s mansion is beautiful and situated in a wonderful nice place where it is spacious and lovely.

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This is a picture of Malema’s house in Sandton and this house just looks so amazing .

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Malema’s house is very beautiful. This political man has himself a wonderful home for his children and his family.

But he does not have only one house as he has another one he was building

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This is another Mansion of Malema that he has been building and probably by now it is done.

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Top Comments
ElizabethVanDerHeever · 07/5/2020
Yes like he is telling people to go and grab land and build shacks, go and grab a piece of his mansion, he has luted enough money he can build houses for the poor and another one for himself
MalazaGeneral · 06/30/2020
wow son of a domestic worker indeed god is great hey
MikeMutti · 06/30/2020
He has proved that it's not a mistake to be born in a poor family,but it's a mistake to die poor
WinzaMahuma · 06/29/2020
what is the problem if malema is having mansions in sandton after all he is a south african .go write about foreigners owning properties in sandton

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