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#KeepHumble and let’s meet Thato “Azaniama” Radebe, an Activator a Writer, Poet, and Theatre Practit

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Thato Radebe is a Soweto born artist who goes by the name “Azaniama” which is derived from Azania. His main mission is to spread a message that Africans should acknowledge our true history, mastering our identity and we can manage to take charge of the future together.

Azaniama’s happy place is on the stage and has grown miraculously as an artist due to hard work and dedication and has performed in a number of shows including Nkosi Albert Luthuli Oral History Competition, Soweto Arts Explosion, ICollege Talent Showcase Festival of Lights,2nd Annual Jika International Theatre and dance Festival and was once a stage manager for MashynaMantshidi Theatre and Craft Entrepreneurship Expo.

He has recited beautiful poem for the South West College Women’s Celebration in 2014. That’s when he grew his confidence in poetry. Later on, was booked to recite a poem at the Coconut Jungle June 16 Commemoration. In 2015 he was the brand promoter of Live Stock Wear Ophaqa, and also modelled for the King and Queen Clothing brand launch. In 2017 he became the Project Manager of Spoken Word Live

He was offered the opportunity to be capacitated by NYDA in September 2019 for the ‘Start Your Business’ course, later that year he graduated from the Activate Change Drivers Program and that’s when he deepened the thought that his talent is a business. He is now the Sole owner of Soweto Wordlife Sessions, which is an event planning and coordination company and has collaborated with other fashion entities like Makhosi Creations and Lihle Marz Creatives.

He is a former director of music and poetry for Sowetall Management and also offered a logistic support in photoshoots, events and workshops. He is now the marketing manager of Bapala Creative Arts and Services Primary Cooperative situated in QwaQwa.

Although he has recorded with artists like Hlonkie ke Slenda (HKS), Kasi Rap Chef and Pac & Go, Thato he remains rooted in poetry and “ghost writing”. He also plays the Djembe and other basic percussions.

Thato Radebe is a perfect example of a multitalented young person who is not letting anything block to reach his goals no matter the route you shall reach your destination.

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