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These are the reasons why many relationships end up failing.

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Love is a wonderful feeling isn't? When you have seen the one you have seen and it just feels like a dream when you finally have him or her. It's amazing and so exciting, a precious and beautiful experience full of fun.

When love, marriage or a relationship is new it's so amazing and you want it to stay that way, the experience literally makes you feel like the best and happiest person alive. And It's true love can make you feel that way when it's done right.

But what most people call love is not 100% what love is, it's just emotions or brain chemicals which are concerned with evolutions purpose of mating and reproduction. So most of it is not fully love but emotions which changes with experience, maybe that's why some people say "there is chemistry". But like anything that is new, emotions are high, do you remember when you first had your phone? Do you still feel the same way about it now? The truth is your emotions torwrds it have changed. It's that way with some relationships too, it's but just emotions which changes with time of being in the same for longtime and after emotions have changed, problems and conflicts begin to set it.

When you see someone you like, there is kick of brain chemicals which you may call love or chemistry which goes on for about three months, such emotional state makes you see only the wonderful, beautiful and good things about the person, and makes you over look the wrongs, mistakes and faulty side of the person( like they say,, "love is blind" do you remember?) the purpose is of evolution, simply giving you a drive for its purpose of mating and procreation. If that was not so, the rate of mating and reproduction would have been very low. So when the emotional attachment begins to fade away true love is tested, this is when some people feel like love has ended and at this stage problems and conflicts and infidelity set it leading to the failure of a relationship.

Here are some of the reason why relationships fails when true love is tested:

1. Lack of trust between two people

Lack of trust in a relationship results in lack of security and safety in a relationship

This is one of the greatest cause of relationship fails. Lack of trust may not only mean infidelity or anything related to that but includes:


Lack of emotional anchor

Emotional and sexual infidelity

Lack of oneness of purpose or goals

2. Unfulfilled expectations

Wrong expectation is one of the reasons that may lead to breakups... Expecting that a relationship will be in a certain way that appeals to you only to find out it's in another way opposite to what you expected

Unfulfilled expectations could be in the area of:

Common interest

physical attraction

sexual passion

Personality connections

Often the person feels reluctant to tell the other that it's not working and often does it by cheating or not being being available.

3. Lack of communication.

communication is important in a relationship and the lack thereof is the one greatest reason why some relationships fails. It is through communication were you get to express your thoughts, views,ideas, needs and feelings

Communication is such a huge part of a relationship and it must lead to another important thing that fails relationships if not present

5. Understanding

Use understanding when communicating with your partner.

Stop trying to always be right.

Avoid by All means letting the talk between the two of you result or end in quarrels, anger and shouting at each other. You are not going to establish anything through anger. Use understanding... And know how to tell what you Are not happy with productively

5. Substance abuse

Now this one is a major problem that lead to other problems. When someone is a smoker, on drugs, and abuses alcohol.

Substance abuse lead to

- Abuse- abuse means the mistreatment of another person or excessive control

Abuse in a relationship could br emotional, physical, verbal and especially financial abuse because of addiction to stimulants.

- Control and dominance

All This things cause a relationship to fail

Substance abuse leads to...

6. Money problems

When it comes to money, no matter is who is earning more than the other you just have to let go of the ego and feeling more important than the other person because you earn more money

Research has found that people with more power are more selfish, are impulsive, and aggressive and show less empathy.

Don't put money first just synchronise your goals and work together and find ways together if financial problems exist.

8. Narcissism

It's behaviour in which a person has a sense of own importance and in need of admiration.

Narcissism results in:

Becoming self centred




False charm


All the above charecteristics are all unhealthy for any relationship.

9. Compatibility

When you are just not compatible with each other, no connection and no affection. You only relate on a superficial level with each other, which brings nothing but just frustration

Other problems for relationships can be

10. Anger issues

11. Not listening to each other, unfaithfulness ,frequent fightings.

There are many divers reasons why relationships fails, and every relationship has its unique problems. But for every problem there is a way if two people are willing...

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