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What was the spokesman of EFF trying to emphasize?


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The councilllor was put behind the bars by the SAPS and charged for breaking of lockdown regulations on wednesday morning.

Acorrding to the EFF in Northern cape believes that the arrest of one of the party's councillors from the tsantsabane local municipality was influenced by the opposition politics.

However the spokesman of EFF who is a provincial Secretary Shadrack Tlhaole said that ''the councillor , digga esau,was arrested by the SAPS and charged for the negleting of lockdown regulations on wednesday morning.

''we strongly believe that this is a case of domestic politics as our member was arrested shorty before he was due to attend a scheduled council meeting.''said Tlhaole

''The EFF is concerned about the high rate of unemployment in the sub-region,where certain comrades are placed in strategic positions while the rest of the community is left out of job opportunities.we are aware of political influences at mining operators where community members are descriminated against,based on their political afflliations.

He went on to say ''we will continue to call up communities to fight against this unwarranted practice,where our local unemployment youth are dying because of poverty because they are being denied opportunities,''.


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