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Micho and Rulani Orlando Pirates Combination Winning Secret Over Kaizer Chiefs Revealed

Nongauza 06/28/2020

“I am happy with the current Pirates coach. You can have Ronaldo, Messi and all the top players in the team but if the confidence is not there or if the confidence is down, it is not easy to bring it up. It takes something special to bring the confidence up in the players,”

Those are the words of former Orlando Pirates defender, Tonic Tshabalala while chatting with journalists at his home town in Limpopo.

The former hard man-marker said Micho and Rulani’s combination might have never lost against their rivals, Kaizer Chiefs but that does not mean all Pirates wins should be attributed to their game plan.

‘’Coach Micho and Rulani did many good things for the Buccaneers but all those things really do not matter if there is no trophy. Winning all the games against Kaizer Chiefs was one of those things but still there was no trophy. JZ might have been there for only ten games and lost against Kaizer Chiefs but everyone can see that it is matter of time before Pirates go back into collecting the trophies again.’’ said Tshabalala

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