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Things That Might Happen If You Stop Wearing Make Up

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If you wear make up every day and you’ve started to notice the effects it has on your skin, you might be considering what will happen if you stop wearing it. Of course, it’s all down to personal choice when it comes to how much makeup you wear and how often you wear it. But just in case you’re curious to find out that effects not wearing makeup might have on your skin, we’re here to let you know.

1. Your Pores Will Appear Smaller 

When you wear makeup, your pores might not be as visible as when you go without, but essentially you are clogging them up with products, which will ultimately make them worse. Although there isn’t much you can do to change the size of your pores, opting to a makeup-free and cleansing regularly will minimize the build-up inside, making them look smaller to give your complexion a smoother finish.

2. You Might Experience Fewer Breakouts 

There’s no shying away from the fact a lot of makeup contains toxins that aren’t exactly kind to our skin. Not to mention the fact that we can all be guilty of not washing our brushes from time to time. If this is the case for you, all these germs and toxins won’t do your skin any favors. If your pores get clogged, it may lead to inflammation and nasty breakouts. It’s always good to let our skin breathe sometimes. Dermatologist Dr. Ijaz Ahmed told Tribune that “Makeup is the root cause of acne or skin problems for over 30 percent of my female patients”. Although it might be a daunting prospect to go makeup free in a bid for pimple free skin, it will pay off in the long run!

3. Your Skin Might Be Less Dry 

Unfortunately, regularly wearing makeup can wreak havoc on our skin because it messes with the skins natural cell renewal process. Our skin can also become dry when we don’t remove makeup properly, if you leave residue on your face without cleansing thoroughly, your skin doesn’t have time to breathe and repair cells. Ditching the cosmetics means that our skin is free of any nasty residue that might interrupt our natural cell renewal cycle.

4. Your Skin Might Become More Prone to Sun Damage 

Whilst there is a whole load of benefits associated with going bare-faced, there are also some risks that we need to be aware of. A lot of foundations, serums and primers contain SPF, so often this protects our faces without even having to think too much about it. If you decide to go makeup-free, without even realizing, you might be exposing your skin to harmful sunrays without the added layer of protection. Of course, this can be combatted by using a lightweight sun cream formulated specifically for our faces to keep us safe no matter the weather!

5. You Might Get Extra Sleep Each Morning 

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There’s no denying the fact that applying a full face of makeup each morning can take a significant amount of time, which might eat into our beauty sleep. If you decide to ditch the cosmetics in return for an extra 30 minutes in bed each morning, you will likely see a difference in your wellbeing pretty quickly, especially if you don’t get enough right now. Getting the ideal amount of sleep each night can lead a number of benefits such as improve energy, brighter eyes and improved decision making.

These are just six of the things that can happen to your skin if you decide to ditch the cosmetics, there are plenty more pros and also some cons to consider. Makeup is one of those things that is down to personal preference, so we recommend choosing to do whatever you feel comfortable with. Stay flawless

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