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There is a dark cloud hanging over South Africa.

Lehbzah 06/25/2020

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The demon of abuse and murders of women and children has returned. We have gone back to times when women see men and immediately fear for their lives because of not knowing what their motives are. They are now even scared to send female children to the shops because they might wined up dead. Women are afraid to get up in the morning to go jog because they are likely to be followed and killed. 


Its sad to see how the number of women and child killings keeps rising , to the point that the nation want the goverment to return the death sentence. Surveys shows that women are most afraid of men than animals.

There are men who still defend themselves stating reasons to why women get killed. This shows that we still have a long way to go in this fight against women and children's killings.

It is said that in a lot of congregations this is a topic that doesn't get spoken about. 

People shouldn't just ingore this as it is a serious matter.

In all forums where men meet there should be meetings/sessions, to speak to men about women and children killings and strengthen discipline.

Congregations are partially to blame as they turn a blind eye to this matter.


Religion and tradition play a role as there are now many "non-existent" marriages. In women's congregations, they are encouraged against divorces, they are struck by the verse "a woman who does not build her home, tears it down with her own hands".

A lot of woman have ended up in coffins holding on to the saying that in marriages you have to be patient.

 What strikes me is that in the forum, which is designed to build relationships and advise people in relationships, few men care to take it serious. And those who are, are the few good men that are left on earth. Some men even forbid their partners to attend these forums because they fear that their partners will wise up and see that the relationship isn't good for them.

I see very little potential in older men changing, which should be reinforced in young boys. When you have a boy child you have the opportunity to change his thinking. 

This should start with little things like : 

●A boy is not better than a girl. They are equal.

● A boy is not told that he can home in the evening, not to touch anything in the house because the girl is supposed to work.

●A boy should be told that it is only natural to feel pain and that it is not shameful to cry, to let go of anger.

What is worse is our upbringing, especially our black society. The youth boys should be told that everything is equal now. A girl can do what a boy can.

They should know that modern women also work the same hours as men. They need to know that it is not so long ago when a mother was to stay at home and raise the children while the father works.

The main problem is that with the change of lifestyle in the country, men never changed with the lifestyle they still believe in the old days of living and that should change.

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