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Here's What You Should Know About Scandal's Tebello

HolisticEye 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. South Africa has has fallen in love with how Lithonolofatso Lithlakanaye potrays the character of Tebello on E-TV's drama series, Scandal.

This prodigy has people glued to their screens through his organic acting skills.

Lithonolofatson plays the role of a 12 yearr old abandoned boy child named Tebello who stays with Yvonne’s mom, with whom he has formed a strong bond with.

The young actors’ ability to keep viewers wanting more is phenomenal as he has viewers gushing, especially considering his age and the fact that its his first role on screen.

Palesa, Lithonolofatso's biological mother, could not be more proud of her son who has become an overnight overnight sensation .

Palesa did however say there's a contrast between Lithonolofatso and Tebello. Tebello is outspoken and confident on screeneven while Lithonolofatso on the other hand is very shy at home.

Viewers were left in disbelief as they could not believe thr fact that this is Lithonolofatso’s first acting gig and he has done justice to the role . View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The lad has his sister to thank, for convincing him to try out for auditions after she saw an ad for a child actor on Facebook. His sister begged him to go and attend the auditions and the directors fell in love with him instantly.

Litlhonolofatso is a Grade 5 pupil who goes to Laerskool Oospark. He said although he didn’t anticipate the love and support that he received from the show’s fans, he was appreciative especially of the support from his family and friends. “I wouldn’t have done anything without them, especially my sister. "

"Although I really want to remain with Scandal for as long as possible, I want to finish school, study law like my sister and build a lot of companies that will make me a lot of money,” the boy added.

Outside of the acting world, as a normal 10-year-old, the boy enjoys simple things like riding his bicycle, playing soccer with his brother, sister and sometimes with friends or just spending quality time with his family.

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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+263-077339**** · 06/28/2020
what a talented boy and original. well-done tibi support from zim
BercioNxumalo · 06/25/2020
You have a bright future my boy.All the best young man.
Mikeymike · 07/18/2020
UnholisticEye, learn to spell people's names correctly i thought it was a typo but you keep on spelling Litlhohonolofatso wrong throughout your article and thats annoying. edit before you publish.
ElishaRovha · 07/6/2020
Tebello nd Neo are always on point

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