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Cop killed wife and her lover

Bhownnie25 06/25/2020

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police officer based at the Matsapha Academy is behind the gruesome murder of a ‘couple’ that was shot dead on Monday night near Mandonsa using a service gun.

Malangeni Dlamini (47) of Nyakeni has been arrested and charged for the murder of his wife Dumile Kunene (48) of Mangcongco and her supposed lover Sipho Francis Zungu (51) of Siphofaneni.

Dlamini is based at the academy under the armoury department; a place where the police service’s weapons are kept.

On the other hand, the deceased woman, who was Dlamini’s third wife, is also said to have been a police officer working under the Royal Guard wing and they lived together at the Police Academy Camp in Matsapha.

Dlamini yesterday appeared before Manzini Magistrate Lucia Lukhele where he reportedly made a confession accompanied by two officers who drove him whilst sitting in the front seat and uncuffed.

Sources stated that the late Zungu was employed by the ministry of agriculture and was based in Manzini.

Information gathered from reliable sources was to the effect that on the night Dlamini allegedly murdered Zungu and Kunene, he found them kissing in a car that was parked by the roadside at Madonsa.

It is said he went there after he tried in vain to reach his wife through phone calls and his WhatsApp messages were reportedly read (blue ticked), but unanswered.

Narrating the events leading to this incident, it was claimed that last Thursday, Dlamini and Kunene went to their parental homesteads at Nyakeni and Mangcongco only for the former to return to their house at the Police Academy on Monday while Kunene had returned on Sunday. When he got to the house, Dlamini is said to have found his wife getting ready to leave as her clothes were neatly laid out while she bathed.

The male officer reportedly greeted his wife, but never asked where she was going.

At around 10am, he is said to have gone to work. During the course of the day, sources claimed that he sent Kunene WhatsApp messages but the latter did not respond after reading them.

His efforts to reach his wife even through phone calls reportedly were in vain as she did not answer.

“This made him suspect that she was with her lover because he already suspected that she was cheating on him with Zungu,” alleged a source privy with details to the matter.

At around 4pm when Dlamini knocked off at work, he is said to have called Kunene again and she answered, telling him that she was at Siphofaneni to check on her sickly relative.

After the conversation with his wife, Dlamini went to his house for a short while before he went to the armoury where he took a gun and boarded a kombi to Manzini. He then walked to Madonsa where Zungu resided.

While he was by the traffic lights between Coates Valley and Madonsa road, just after the Manzini Traffic Circle, the officer sat down to rest.

Just then, it is said the vehicle that Zungu and Kunene were driving in approached from the Moneni direction and it parked by the side of the road at around 6pm.


“He went closer to the car and found them kissing and he asked what was going on,” a witness claimed.

When this happened, Dlamini was on Zungu’s side, and Kunene supposedly said something inaudible, presumably not realising that it was her husband who was asking them the question since his face was covered with a face mask.

Sources said Zungu stretched his hand to the back of the car, and Dlamini thought he was reaching for a gun.

“It was then that a rain of bullets fell on Zungu until he died,” witnesses alleged.

Out of shock, Kunene reportedly tried to flee but Dlamini ‘planted’ three bullets in her body and she fell on the ground.

Shortly after this incident, Dlamini allegedly fled the scene and headed for his parental homestead at Nyakeni where he called and informed his colleague about the incident.

In turn, the colleague reportedly notified his superiors and several officers were sent to Nyakeni and he was taken to the Manzini Police Station.

It is said his intention was not to kill Zungu and Kunene but to stop themfrom using the firearm.

Before the tragic event, those close to the matter said Dlamini met Zungu not so long ago while driving to Matsapha in Kunene’s car.

When questioned who he was, Kunene reportedly told him that Zungu was an assistant to a traditional healer who was attending to his then sickly father.

That day, the ‘couple’ is said to have gone together supposedly to Mangcongco, where her father was, and they returned earlier than expected.

It was on the same day that Dlamini learnt that Zungu , it is said at a research station in Big Bend before he was moved to Manzini.

The officer’s discontentment about his wife’s relationship with Zungu is said to have persisted. After Kunene’s father died, Dlamini went there to assist and he came across Zungu’s travel document in Kunene’s car.

In the document, it is said he found Zungu’s cellphone number as well as that of his wife. He then called his rival’s wife and asked if she knew that her husband sometimes used Kunene’s car. 

During their conversation, is said the wife stated that she was also worried because she had been informed that Kunene’s identification card was in the car.

However, the wife asked not to get involved in the matter as she reportedly claimed that her husband could hear none of it whenever the subject was brough up.


“Dlamini asked the wife to talk to Zungu to leave Kunene alone,” alleged a source.

 It was further gathered that this was not the only effort Dlamini made to separate his wife and Zungu as her family is also said to have been asked to intervene.


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Top Comments
JabulaniHlengani · 06/25/2020
He will get a lesser sentence coz he killed them there and there, but the fact that he took a gun from police station will make the judge to think otherwise coz intentionally he was planning to kill them
BasilMuyeba · 06/25/2020
A dog haunted by death loses its sence of smell
SiZapach · 06/26/2020
The whole story does not justify his action he might claim that he act on self defence from the man then what danger was the running lady possess.He knew all along that the wife was comitting adultry why he didnt went for better solution than this.This man deserve to be jailed for long period.
JohnNzunga_01 · 06/25/2020
It's so sad cause they pushed him to the edge. He could have just left her for another lady but I know it was not easy to take such a decision. Murder is not a solution and will never ever be. I pity the three of them really more especially this one who is facing a very long jail time. Ao bathong hleng.

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