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EFF leader Julius Malema Challenges Journalists to a Court of Public Opinion

Katishi 06/25/2020

EFF Economic Freedom Fighters Leader Julius Malema have challenged SABC journalist Samkelo Maseko, to select his own panel of journalists to interview him regarding the VBS, and have gone as far as saying he is ready to present bank statements with regard to the alledged VBS collapse if needs be, On-point engireering, as well as being ready to answer about the 'so-called' erstwhile collapse of the Limpopo Province.

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Malema's challenge was prompted by the Journalist Samkelo Maseko, having asked about whether there is investigations of him and EFF involvement in the VBS collapse, during a media briefing held by the SABC and NPA yesterday, and he went as far as stressing that one of the conditions for the interview have to be inclusion of the journalist Paula Van Wyk.

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Due to his son's insistence that she be available if he was to make the public believe that he have nothing to hide, and he have as a result communicated this with his party's communications department, to ensure that Pauli Van Wyk is among the panel of the Journalists who will form an interrogation panel.

According to the EFF leader the party spokesperson Vuyani Phambo will liase with the journalists to make arrangements in line with the Covid-19 rules and regulations, with the interview being expected to be broadcasted from all our online channels with the questions being taken from the members of the public sometime during the interview.

The interview is expected to take place today Thursday 25 June, at 12 afternoon, with the EFF headquarters in Johannesburg being the venue, and the Journalists expected to take part includes the main man himself Samkelo Maseko who is the reason for the interview to be scheduled, Pauli Van Wyk who had to attend with the EFF leader saying he took advice from his son to have her, Mahlatse Mahlatse, Aldrin Sampear, Eusebius Mackaiser, with Matshidiso Madia completing the list.

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Just last week the accused in the VBS Bank looting, that has since led to it's collapse have appeared before the court in relation with their part in collapsing of the bank, with the reports last Friday detailing that there is a pressure on the NPA( National Prosecutions Authority) to include the implicated politicians with the main focus being on the EFF leadership.

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madock · 06/25/2020
why now ...this a biggest question his name have been there two years back and he keep quiet ...one week after arreast he is even 4giving those he suspend ...to be in his side you must report good on him

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