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Informal Settlements of Witbank Keeps Increasing.

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Written by Aaron

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Witbank is one of many places with high number of population because it have pulling factors,people go to witbank looking for jobs and some for school.

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People come from many different places from all over South Africa,even from our neighbouring countries such as Mozambique, Swaziland,Zimbabwe e.t.c and that is how it becomes over populated.

The government's effort of moving people from informal settlements to RDP houses seems not to be helping,because when someone moves out, another one come to build a shack on the same space that was left.

One of Witbank's informal settlement, Coronation is close to the city's CBD and people move in every day because it is close to town,they even build shacks near the sewage dam,they don't mind the stinky smell,and that is not good for one's health.

The place doesn't have electricity,those people uses coals from near by mines as heater on their house,and it's smoke can be very dangerous,candle for light and paragon when cooking.informal settlements will always be there until our government perform a miracle.

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