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Eskom reiterates load shedding will continue however priority will be giving to these areas

Adejib 06/25/2020

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Escom has continue to hit the residents of Gauteng with persistent load shedding throughout the week. The utility bills who intially announced this on Saturday said the schedule will now be daily. This will be during the peak hours of morning between 5am and 10am and evening peak hours between 5pm and 10pm.

Escom said the reason for this is due to network disruptions which was caused by illegal connections and heavy load in some of the high densely areas across the province.

It said this will continue until they fetch those involved in illegal connections across the province. The utility said billions of rands are loosing as a result of illegal connections across areas within the province.

It mentioned areas like Diepsloop, Tshwane, Sochanguve and Soweto are chiefs among areas where illegal connections are dominant.

Some areas in the province, including Mamelodi and Eldorado Park have been without electricity since earlier last week. While residents initially directed these power outages queries to Johannesburg City Power and the City of Tshwane, Eskom has come out saying that the illegal connections and overloading in the high-density areas of Gauteng are causing the outages.

The company said due to the unprecedented volumes of damaged infrastructure that needs repairs and replacements, it may not able to carry out the repairs quickly.

"As such, priority will be given to areas where customers allow Eskom to conduct audits and to remove the illegal connections and to terminate supply to bypassed meters. This will help us to secure the infrastructure against further damages," Eskom said.

In other parts of the country, Eskom has not implemented load shedding since March

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The utility bills has been facing series of backlash across Gauteng. A number of areas in Johannesburg are battling ongoing power-cuts at times with no explanation.

But the utility says some of its sub-stations are being burdened by overloading due to illegal connections.

It says cables were damaged in some areas and a distributer exploded at the Lunar substation.

City power's Isaac Mangena said: “we had to get new transformer which is being out on the plinth to be energised. We should be ready to put on the load by Monday.”

Eskom has noted with concern a spike in transformer and mini-substation explosions caused by network overloading as a result of illegal connections, meter bypasses and tampering, as well as theft and vandalism of electricity infrastructure. These explosions lead to prolonged outages, which leave people without electricity for days, and can cause fatal injuries to people," said the power utility in a statement.

Eskom has now introduced what it calls ‘load-reduction’ in order to respond to rampant illegal connections in densely populated areas.

It says damages to infrastructure in Gauteng have cost it R1 billion a year to repair. It says the new transformer that arrived at Lunar, Lenasia south had been working consistently. Work has been continuing this morning to ensure its assembled and ready for Monday launch.

Though they apologize to the affected Gauteng customers but said its a matter of necessity.

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