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Struggling Kaizer Chiefs star receives huge boost

GlobCapacity 06/25/2020

Anthony Akumu. Kaizer Chiefs

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It's pretty clear that the competition for places at a top and big club like Kaizer Chiefs will always be fierce because naturally and normally that's how all big clubs operate in order for coaches at times to get the best out of out of their players and get them performing at a high level with it also being complicated especially for foreign based players settle in and hit the ground running

It's been reported courtesy of KickOff.com that one of the coaches at Kaizer Chiefs and assistants in former player as well Shaun Bartlett is under the impression that recent january signing Anthony Akumu who's struggling at the moment to adapt and settle to life at the club since arriving will eventually come into his own soon enough as the player needs some time

"For me, Anthony Agay will take a bit of time. Coming in the middle of the season, when the games are really under pressure is always going to be difficult," Bartlett told KCTV

"And I think the speed of the game as well, sometimes you underestimate when you watch the PSL maybe from another country, and say, 'oh, I can go and play there,"

"But once you start playing the matches, you actually realise, it's not as easy as I thought it would be. 'So, I think that will take a bit if time,"

"But we know we've got a player, I think for the future, that can do well for this club, as long as he obviously just applies whatever the technical team wants," added Bartlett

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