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UCT First Actuarial Science lecturer accused of attempted Sexual Assault

Katishi 06/25/2020

With swirling Gender-Based violence allegations currently dominating the headlines in the country, there seems to be more and more allegations from the ladies with some well... Having took quite a lengthy time to be reported, or find its way to the court, be it a court of law or a court of the public opinion.

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And such is unfortunately the sad story of the young lady from the Western-Cape province who goes by the Twitter handle @Miss_Gallie, who detailed that she was almost sexually assaulted by the young lecturer Mr Malizole Mdlekeza somewhere in 2012.

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According to the young lady she was introduced by the mutual friends to the guy, and it turned out that they were going to the same direction, when the accused offered her a lift, but instead of him leaving her at her asked stop-point to descend he just drove-off, stopping only at his place.

And unfortunately on their arrival he forced himself on her, but luckily she fought her way and ended up being out of his clutches and able to alert his neighbors who called her parents.

With her parents having reportedly upon receiving the call alerted the police, whom on arrival to the accused's place, he alledgedly ignored their knock, and unfortunately she never got to explain how the matter ended.

Although she concluded by saying that she now feels enough is enough and she had to come out about this matter, since she have been holding it inside herself for a long time and could not continue anymore, but it wasn't until she got badly responded to by other Twitter users, with some accusing her of being the party to what happened to her because of the duration she took, before she could come out, here are some of the responds from the users:

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@Deny_boy17 responded by saying, Let's hope you are not lying

With @NakampeSA saying, so you've been 'quiet about this way too long'? Now that u see him 'shine' is the time to bring him down, had you not witnessed him 'shine' you would still be quite. it only matters that now we know because he's got something to loose??

Well those are some of the unfortunate responds she received upon coming out of shell about her ordeal.

Although she published the screenshots of another lady supporting her version by saying that she experienced the same thing about the same guy.

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