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Tricks That Happens In Jozi. Make Sure It Doesn't Happen To You! Know This One

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There are many tricks that happen in places where it's busy and everything happens fast and in a hurry like Jozi CBD, pretoria CBD.

The thing is what usually happens in the CBD it's rough and dangerous compared to what usually happens in townships.

There are many tricks that they use to trick you and take whatever you have with you like electronics and even bank cards. They don't take your stuff forcefully, they talk to you politely. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

This is how I was tricked; This other tall guy approaches me and he saw me holding my Kota(Bread with chips, polony, cheese, russian, special and sauces).

He saw me walking past him and stopped me, I had my headsets on then he asked for directions to the an old friend/ person he helped long time ago.

Well an elderly person walked past us and then he asked him because I didn't know the place he was talking about, the Elderly then directed him to the person.

The guy he asked me about was an construction manager so the elderly said he no longer talks to people of his status meaning poor.

That got my attention he then said to me I'm a good person of which amazed me because he doesn't know me, " If you don't go to church start finding a good one now, if you do church don't stop" he said, that motivated me to pray more and go to church often.

He then prophesied to me all the things i was struggling of, then moved to the elderly. The elder's story was disturbing. It all looked real and I felt sorrh for the elder. There's even a prayer they say do not agree because you'll agree on something you don't know!

To cut the story short he convinced me to go and buy a matches box and leave my electronics with him. Because I trusted him I left everything with him.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The elderly did that before me also leaving his electronics with me and it was my turn to do so. When I left they ran away I found after they left that they were together.

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