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Police Commissioner Livid After Station Turns Away Rape Victim Again

NDONYANA 06/25/2020

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Commissioner Lieutenant Gen Matakata

Amid this gender based violence pandemic, one would expect some swift action from officers of the law when victims report rape cases -but not at Khayelitsha Police station.

No wonder Western Cape Police commissioner is so furious.Who wouldn't be? Lieutenant - General Yolisa Matakata is breathing fire after a woman who wanted to open a rape case was told to come back the following day.This happened on Monday 22 June.

The same station was reported by Sunday times late last year when they turned away a mother five times in four days when she tried to report a rape of her three year old daughter.

Its so worrying when people who are supposed to be your saviour become your oppressor.Had it not been for the social media that trended the story,the poor woman would still not be assisted.

"Preliminary reports suggest that the 26 year old victim had visited the police station in site B on Monday and was indeed attended to by a police official from the police station.The police official in question has been identified as part of unfolding investigations",said police spokesperson Brig Novela Potelwa.

"I cannot wait to see to see the disciplinary investigations finalised.The claims of what happened smack of dereliction of duty on the part of police",said commissioner Matakata.

"The unfortunate incident happens when the country is battling an alarming rate of incidence of gender based violence", continued Matakata.

Social media also came to the rescue last year on the issue of the rape of the three year old after her sister vented her anger on facebook.

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What do you think about this?

Must the public always rely on social media to make our police take them seriously?

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