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"I'm Ready To Resign" - Julius Malema Reveals As He Charges Complainants

LuqmanPro 06/25/2020

There is no gainsaying that the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Malema has been encumbered by a number of allegations and complaints. To this end, he stated today, Thursday, during a live interview with journalists that he is ready to resign if the series of allegations leveled against him are proven beyond doubt by the court.

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Malema maintained that the allegations of corruption and malfeasance are products of mischief-makers, largely fabricated, and unfounded. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema maintains that he won't think twice but resign from public office if any municipality could justify or ascertain that he directed them to transact money with the now-defunct VBS bank.

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It would be recollected that a high-power scandal led to the demise of the VBS bank with the money many depositors still found wanting. While he was asked of the role he played regarding the On-Point Engineering, a company that allegedly botched tender jobs in Limpopo, he maintains that he does not participate in the internal affairs of the company but he was just a shareholder in On-Point Engineering.

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He maintains that he is a seasonal business-oriented person and has continued to do his bit towards the progress and development of society. Malema equally exonerated his hunger brother Brian Shivambu from all the allegations leveled against him, stressing that he would have been prosecuted and punished if the allegations leveled against him were genuine, reliable, and sincere. 

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However, he stressed as usual that those that have robbed the poor should be arrested promptly. He maintains that those indicting him of corruption are merely name-shaming and the strategy will not work. Malema further added that the EFF had gone through its books to interrogate if it received any donations from VBS and found there was no such evidence. This was even done by a discreet investigation. It was the inability to uncover any criminal cases that led to the exoneration of the party. In the same vein, Malema revealed that he has no close relationship with anyone who benefited from VBS Mutual Bank. It should be noted that he was the latest person to be indicted in the VBS bank scandal alongside seven former bank executives and directors.

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In the course of the interview, he also urged the journalists to go forth and query those individuals, parties, and organizations that have benefited significantly from the VBS scandal. While some parties like the African National Congress (ANC), the Communist Party, among others,  acknowledged the fact that they benefited from the VBS bank scandal, there is a need to compel them to return the money with a view to ensuring that individuals that invested with the bank get the return. Given the outturn of the event, it is hoped that this public interrogation will provide abundant evidence and clarification as regards the unsubstantiated allegations leveled against the EFF. More importantly, journalists should refrain from trumped charges and focus on facts and figures.

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Do you believe that Malema and EFF remains a saint as portrayed?


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Top Comments
Hector-man · 06/25/2020
What I don't understand is why media briefing now when VBS looters are starting to get arrested? He has been insulting people all along,and now he wanna speak. Media manipulation,and trying to get them in your side, forgetting they are not court of laws
RonnieNaidoi_01 · 06/25/2020
Julius so you are ready to resign. There must be a reason why.
GUEST_9BXAjQZwv · 06/25/2020
we all know his capability, he ever died for Zuma and resurface fortunately for him only Jesus Christ I know
Ndzima200 · 06/25/2020
The way he put this on,, it seems like the boy is challenging further investigation which will led the big bosses to be exposed... How many ANC members benefited from VBS since it was implemented? This same strategy is been long used by the high personnel from ANC and their selected friends business associates.

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