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Beware As Fake Pilots Cause Aircrash, Kills Passengers

Lawlar 06/25/2020

Sequel to the report on the plane crash that recently occurred in Pakistan, the aviation ministry has adjudged that the plane was caused as a result of human error, assessing that the pilot that flew the plane was pseudo and fake. This is a serious indictment and a huge mockery on the entire nation in general. The Minister further revealed that one in three pilots in Pakistan has fake licenses. This is the height of iniquities. Hence, the need to declare a state of emergency in the aviation industry in order to tackle this eyesore head-on.  View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Given the shocking revelation that more than 30 percent of the civilian pilots in Pakistan are not certified and qualified, there is a need for a complete overhaul of the industry in order to guarantee the safety and security of the people. Beyond mere revelation by the aviation ministry, it should also implement stringent measures that will lead to the arrest of the menace across the country. It is quite disheartening and lugubrious that some evil-minded people deliberately endanger the lives of the people for selfish end. This is uncalled for. It would be recalled that no fewer than 100 lives were lost in the last plane crash that occurred in the country.

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In his message to Pakistan's National Assembly, the Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan maintains that 262 pilots in the country did not pass through the standard examination before they commence driving the airplane. In the same vein, more than half of those that claimed to have sat for the examination were aided by the efforts of some mercenary. This makes a tomfoolery of the aviation industry as a whole. Indeed this is a justification that most of them do not have flying experience.

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While Pakistan has 860 active pilots serving its domestic airlines, including the country's Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flagship, a number of them are not eligible. This is the best time to reshuffle the pilots and sleeve out the bad eggs in the system. Part of the report on the recent plane crash in the country shows that the pilots were chatting about the coronavirus and repeatedly ignored warnings from air traffic controllers before the plane went down in a residential area near the airport. This is very awkward.

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Video footage revealed that the pilots were discussing corona throughout the flight. They did not concentrate and dedicate themselves. They talked about the coronavirus and how their families were affected. This is an outright lackadaisical attitude that is totally condemnable. Despite the warning issued by air traffic controllers on three different occasions, they insisted on throwing banter in the process of flying the plane. This shows that they are truly self-acclaimed pilots and not professionals. It would have been interesting if the law can take its course on them but nature has done that as those on board died horribly. No doubt, this is the time to reposition the aviation sector for optimal service delivery.

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Tenderano · 06/25/2020
How does a passenger check the pilot credentials?

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