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A police officer turned away woman for reporting a rape case

Scottlethu 06/25/2020

A Cape Town police officer who turned away a Khayelitsha rape victim will face disciplinary action.

"The 26 years old woman was told by the officer to return the following day," said the Western Cape police commissioner.

On Monday evening, the 26 years old wanted to report a case of rape at the Khayelitsha police station but she was turned away, this was a statement made on Wednesday.

Lieutenant General Yolisa Matakata the Western Cape police commissioner was left very concerned about the act of a "police officer".

But lieutenant Matakata has appointed an investigation for the rape case and for the police involvement or link to the case.

The incident of the police officer who didn't show attention and concern to the matter of a raped victim have been on social media, but on Tuesday a senior police official decided to visit the victim for interrogation and investigation about the rape case and the uninterested police officer.

The rapist have been identified and yet to be arrested. The police officer is going to face disciplinary action.

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