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Letter to Gaddafi the best African leader

Theafroman 06/26/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Dear Gaddafi

Writing this letter to you just letting you know that we you were the best leader we ever had.

We silently celebrate your. We are scared they might do what the did to you. Absence in the land lead to us getting in Dept as a continent. They own us now we are their slaves we are under their comand. The turn our leader into bets they pay them in exchange of our land and all that is found in it. Help us we need your leadership.

You did a lot if good things for Africa. You protected them you never always did what is best for Africa. Should I say are the best. You people didn't suffer in your presence.

But the killed you. Now no one can stand for our land your nomore with us. My your soul lead us may you show us the way. We need your guidance.

They turned your people against you. We saw it. Please tell all the African fighters your with to gaid us in this time protected us. We need them to. And please be their leader and Samora Machel to be our right man. Solomon Mahlangu be the speaker please.

Yours faithfully

Africans people

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