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What is it like living with hypohidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

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Hypohidrosis a condition of excessive sweating of the hands, feet, underarms and groin. Sweat is mostly unrelated to high temperatures.

The person will sweat even when its cold in winter, and in summer the condition might worsen.

Hypohidrosis is not the same for everyone.Others can sweat excessively in the armpits while others on the hands and feet.

It also does not start the same for everyone, for others it can begin right from birth while for others it can develops as the person grows older.

This is a list of the challenges the person with the hypohidrosis can experience on a day to day basis.

1.Finding the right antiperspirant

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Finding an antipespirat that works is very difficult because, the normal antiperspirants gets washed off by the sweat.

There ones that works are very expensive, they work by blocking the sweat glands and the person will not sweat for a few days after applying them.

The only challenging thing about them is that they are very expensive, the cheapest ones can costs somewhere around R150 in south africa and the others cost somewhere around R230.

As a result the person will spend a lot of time in the deodorant aisle, trying to find an affordable but yet effective one.

2.Not being able to keep your favourite T-shirt for long.

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You will deal with sweat spots all day and because the antiperspirant gets washed off by the sweat, it stains the clothes and a you will have to throw away your favourite T-shirt soon or later.

3.Not being able keep your favourite pair of shoes

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Being a shoe lover is impossible for a person with hypohidros, as you can not keep your favorite pair of shoes for too long.

Normally what happens the sweat will penetrate your shoes and as result attract a lot of bacteria and in turn your shoes will have a permanent musty smell that is impossible to get rid of.

4.Always spending more money on toiletries than other people

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When you have hypohidrosis you spend more money on toiletries, because you are constantly trying on a new antiperspirant or you always buy expensive ones, the foot deodorant, intimate deodorant and so forth.

The result is that you end up spending more on toiletries than other people.

5. Hand shakes are a No No

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Hand shakes are a huge nightmare for someone with hyperhidrosis, this is so especially in summer, yours hands could be sweaty , and the other person may not understand why.

Again writing is also challenging because the pen will slip from your fingers and the book will get wet because of the sweat.

6. Depression and anxiety becomes friends with you

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You are constantly worried about people's reactions, and also when you are around people,people will think you sweat because you are nervous only in turn your are nervous because you are sweating or the sweating makes you nervous.

Social gatherings becomes a dread, especially in summer. It can sometimes also affect your career choice, even though it shouldn't.

Living with a condition is possible as it is not a sickness, unless there is an underlying medical condition for it.

The moment you know that there isn't much you can do about it, the first step is acceptance, this will make it easy for you to live a meaningful life.

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You will not be bothered by peoples opinions, you will choose your career and also socialise with people.

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Should you have a difficulty coping, therapy or talking to someone is important.This will help ease the anxieties or free you from them altogether.

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