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How Africa Can Buy Back Their Continent

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At this point everybody knows, Africans do not own Africa, The top 3 African retailers Shoprite, Pick n Pay and Checkers are owned by White Africans, the top 3 banks Standard Bank, Absa and Nedbank. Black Africans do not own the land they call home.

Africa is a case of a person who lived in his house then a robber invaded and threw out the owner of the house and then they offered to rent out one room to the previous owner who was thrown out and then down the line when the previous owner realizes how he has been robbed, the current owner laments and says he must get over it.

Africa is a continent with a lot of opportunity and black Africans must tame it, and how can we do this you may ask, well one word ‘Stokvels”. Imagine if Africa created one huge stokvel and piled up their money and purchased companies, land and natural resources in Africa and used the revenue and profits to pay for the infrastructure Development in Africa.

We can do this anytime the problem is we have a leadership problem, and we citizens are just as part of the problem electing the same leaders into power, who keep disrupting and delaying the complete development of the African continent. 

Source: opera.com
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