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Robbers bomb ATM machine

newsjam 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The desperation of robbers across the South Africa has reached new highs.

An automated teller machine (atm) became the latest victim of infrastructure that gets damaged as a result of robbers being in need of cash.

A group of heavily armed robbers is said to have descended at Moratiwa Crossing Shopping Centre in the Limpopo Province on the 24th of June 2020.

It is further alleged that the robbers applied explosives on the ATM machine to blast it for them to be able to access money from it.

This left the machine in shambles with rubble and materials from the equipment all over the place.

The police were informed of the incident and came on to the scene. Investigations are currently underway and no arrests have been made.

Cases of bombing of ATM machines had not been common across South Africa but robbers are now targeting those areas where there is less traffic and ATM machines are isolated and they apply heavy explosives to blow the equipment for them to have access to the money.

Source: opera.com
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