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Fenyang and Maria's situation on Isibaya leaves viewers on the fence. Here is what is being said

Ok_Daina 06/29/2020

Really loving what @IsibayaMzansi @adzeugah & the crew are doing here not only is this a beginning of a beautiful love story but Miseducation of a Woman. Story line is giving a lot of middle age woman hope 

NB: Helping the fight the of Gender Based Violence (subtle & emotional side). Why can’t phumelele give the lawyer a chance so she can experience both worlds to be loved , respected and being free!

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Fenyang looks like the cat that drank all the milk.She didn't say yes,she said she needed time #Isibaya

Fenyang and Maria. No they can’t even seal it with a kiss corona virus disappoints #Isibaya 

Phumelele has gone from unhappy housewife to independent business woman. We stan a focused queen! #ISIBAYA

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I'm happy for Phumi le Fenyang a man that knows what he wants Yipeeee. #Isibaya

Maria and fenyang first meet in episode 60 of season 7 and in episode 60 of season 8 Maria finally admits her feelings for Fenyang @IsibayaMzansi @adzeugah this can not be a coincidence. Issa full circle 

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Yes she should but it's early for Phumelele, I mean she was married for a long time so it's not easy to just move on with another like that, Fenyang must have patience with her, after all Phumelele is not like Iris who changes man like...

#Isibaya I really feel for Fenyang and Phumelele their situation is a perfect example of finding the right person at the wrong time.

Men like Fenyang want them feisty, daring, careless and ruthless. Fenyang is looking for a girlfriend not a wife & Phumelele thinks her 5 star dinners are what that the man needs. Not now, His heart is nowhere not with Iris & not with Maria.

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