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Covid19: Trevor Noah Shares Some Good News

Phakzo 06/25/2020

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The Daily Show host Trevor Noah shared some good news on his social media accounts. The news got many Americans and the world excited. According to the graph Noah shared, America finally looks like it's moving a step closer towards defeating the virus. The graph he shared revealed that America had finally 'flattened the curve' of the virus.

The graph showed that the 'daily new confirmed cases of coved19 cases per million people' has flattened. Trevor Noah along with most Americans were relieved. For the first time the country with one of the highest covid19 cases seems to be heading in a positive direction. Of course, many of Noah's followers took these news with a pinch of salt.

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Meanwhile, back in Trevor Noah's country,  the minister of health said he expects some provinces to reach their peak by end of July. But he indicated that South Africa could be a long way from flattening its curve.

However, these develpments in America could send a positive message to many countries that it is possible to defeat this virus.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
News424 · 06/25/2020
All of us have Blood on our Hands n Sins in our Heart as thousands of people have Died , Millions have lost their jobs n have no food to eat yet thousands of people have become Millionaires in a short space of time flaunting their Wealth whilst the Nation are Dying of Hunger, wake up people Karma is a bad thing
2PacMakavelli · 06/25/2020
Trevor Noah is among the sell out media personality, all the same thing he used to do in order to destroy former President Jacob Zuma, he is doing it now for Trump, bcz people want Trump out.

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