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Tax hike, Spaza shops and Taxis must pay Tax

ShadoG 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The government is planning the Tax hike. our government is repeatedly running away from the truth and that comes down hard to those who are struggling.

We having businesses that are operating and making projections without paying SARS.

In South Africa today we have thousands and thousands of spaza shops and thousands and thousands of Taxis that are operating and making projections daily and are Tax free. Yet no one has ever considered that they should also pay Tax.

Why is our government blind folded when it comes to them,all businesses should be treated the same and equal.

On the other we have Taxi businesses that are operating daily and also making projections without paying any Taxes, whenever the Tax hike is mentioned it affects those who are employed somewhere in the companies.

Our government should consider such things where the economy development is concerned. Let Taxi services register with SARS. Let all businesses be beneficial to our economy by ensuring that they all pay Tax.

Let all businesses pay Taxes without fear or favour.

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Top Comments
joentuli · 06/25/2020
Why not? lets all pay Tax SPAZA SHOPS, TAXIS must pay Tax they r making lot of money
BhaiSingh_01 · 06/25/2020
Very true all spaza shop should be paying tax cause it's unfair for shop owners to pay exorbitant rent and not making profit cause these spaza are opened in almost every street and stealing the customers who making huge profit and paying no contribution to tax.
Annoyed · 06/25/2020
Good tx Mboweni
EvangelistThaboMnisi · 06/26/2020
All must pay tax which means this foreigners spaza shops must close and South Africans must start operating so they pay tax

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