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I will not (stop letting others determine who you are)

Bellab 2d

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..I will not cry when I fall because hurting is part of the process to strengthening

I will not be tamed because free sprited is how allow self growth

I will not be changed because self acceptance is key to who I am

I will not allow you to bring negativity because I'll choose positivity each and everytime

nd the more you say I can not

The more I say I will and the more you break me down the more I will retaliate and rebuild

because I am not controlled

I may not be what you say I am

but I am what I have chosen to be

and that is the best version of me it ,it will never be perfect but its enough when say I got me

for everytime life has thrown me to the wolves I will return as the leader

Because I will not give up I will not be oppressed no longer I will not be trapped but I will succeed each and everyday for as long as I breathe


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