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How You can Tell the Date a Mother is Likely to Give birth

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I believe you are having a great day. Well, you read it right "How you can tell the date a mother is likely to give birth". This is a working method that is exact in over 65% of women and approximate in the remaining 35%.

The truth is many women can't predict their time of delivery and unfortunately this lack of preparedness in some cases has led to conception losses.

However, this method I'd disclose shortly is used in many health care pre natal centres in Africa and Europe and it is just a simple mathematical calculation but very effective...

Also, in this post, I'd show you how to tell how long a woman has been pregnant using a simple trick. If this post is helpful to you, just do well to hit that share button so other people needing this can learn from this and you can leave questions in the comments section for an instant reply...

How a mother can tell the date when she is likely to give birth

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Start with the date the last menstrual period began, subtract three months and add 7 days.

For example, suppose her last menstrual period began May 10.

May 10 minus 3 months is February 10, plus 7 days is February 17. The baby is most likely to be born around February 17.

How to tell how long a Baby has been in the womb

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Now to do this, you only need to feel the mothers womb. Normally, the womb will be 2 fingers higher each month, at Four and a half months, the womb is usually at the level of the navel. Thus, the number of times, two of your fingers feel in the womb in the belly region indicates the number of months the baby has spent there...

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However each month, a mother should write down how many finger widths the womb is above of below the navel. If the womb seems too big or grows too fast, it may have more water in it than normal, if so, you may find it difficult to feel the baby inside. Too much water in the womb means greater risk of bleeding during childbirth and may mean the baby is deformed.

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AmarachiGeorgeChi · 07/6/2020
do u add the 10 from the next month assuming it months is ending in 27 or 28 of May

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