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If you are a smoker residing in South Africa, read this

@Paradigm_heart 06/28/2020

The court cases that have been opened are two and they are both different,the first one was opened by Fita and second one was opened by BATSA,they both habe the same aim of bringing back cigarettes but different content.

BATSA is the first 9ne that went head to head with Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma and after a few political agreements the pulled out of the court.

FITA is a minor company that remained in that court for both their sake and the people's sake,the case is still awaiting judgment and we are all impatiently waiting.

The high court said that they are well aware for the matter at hand and the they will sent the results using electronic mail,the also said that the matter will be treated with urgency.

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Till today,we are still awaiting results

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The case that was recently postponed has nos nothing to do with the case that we are awaiting judgment for and South Africans must relax and keep the hope alive.

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Top Comments
GUEST_qE0D0lOml · 06/28/2020
No true.. Fake news.. and your spelling is really bad too..
JuanBurgers · 06/28/2020
once again such bad journalist. shame onyou.
+27-84903**** · 06/28/2020
don't come with fake news. the people know what is right and what is wrong. the courts must come straight to the point to the public. if they heard what a 116 year old man said just bring back my cigarettes. that's all what the people asking.
GUEST_YW1QLadOx · 06/28/2020
stop making fake news and get a life

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