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SANTACO Blames Corona Virus On Whites - 'Black People Never Went To Italy', Mzansi Reacts

NkosanaWriteOn 06/28/2020

South Africans were in sheer shock after reports of SANTACO Allegedly blaming the Corona virus pandemic on Whites, according to the information shared on social media the taxi union believes black people should not be punished because they never traveled abroad, many tweeps reacted.

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Man’s NOT Barry Roux @AdvoBarryRoux

According to SANTACO Black people can not be punished for CoronaVirus because it was brought to South Africa by abelungu. Blacks never went to Italy.

Many South Africans reacted to the tweet above, see the replies from Twitter below:



Replying to @AdvoBarryRoux

I don't even own a Visa but I'm broke af because of this corona



Replying to @AdvoBarryRoux

I support the taxi industry, what's good for the goose must be good for the gander. If aeroplanes can take 100% then the taxi should also be allowed to do the same

tinyiko alan baloyi@TinyikoAlan


Replying to @AdvoBarryRoux

Obvious they didn't use SANTACO to travel to Italy..



They are wrong, they should say it was brought by rich people not poor people even though I don't understand where are they going with their statement

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Top Comments
GUEST_K3A85QEyg · 06/28/2020
if you do some research Chinese are classified as black so who is to blame
AgnesMsiza · 06/28/2020
everybody is travelling abroad let's not play the blame game because everyone is affected here guys it won't help that blame game is misleading us so let's focus on how to deal with this pandemic
DennisVanAarde · 06/28/2020
We should have known this ,first it was OLD JAN, APARTHEID, WMC, THE STATUE'S that they must get rid of- - SANTAGO don't you think that people must change their mindset and stop thinking like they did under apartheid or even further down the line- - We all believe ,even the world that WHAT WILL BE WILL BE , anyone is can be affected- - You have now seen that the Minister has put down his foot,now you using the old tactic blaming the WHITES ,how childish of you - -PLease SANTAGO think about this - Anyone can get the virus- Are you not trying to find an easy way out
PaulosTau · 06/28/2020
Baba let me help you because nowadays many blacks are very rich and they travel all over the world.Just say the rich

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