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Skeem saam cast and their real partners :See pictures

BotheoSathekge 06/25/2020

We watch these actors and actresses on a daily basis but do we really know their real life stories and partners? Below are pictures and an introduction of the cast and their partners,some will leave you flabbergasted.

We all love a good love story and the skeem saam really know how to make a love story believable but these stars have real life stories that are even more adorable. Some are married, others engaged while others are just enjoying being in a relationship.

1.Eric Macheru

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Famously known as Leeto Maputla,whose on screen wife is Mogadi.The actor is in a relationship with his girlfriend whom we mostly see splattered all over his instagram.

2.Buhle Maseko

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He plays the part of Ben Kunutu's long lost son, Nimrod. The actor had fans going crazy when he uploaded pictures of his engagement to his long time girlfriend Tsholo.

3.Neo Ramtshana

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The actress plays the role of Botshilo who is one of Marothi's exs. She is married to her loving husband and have two kids together. These two usually upload tons of funny videos together.

4.Patrick Seleka

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Katlego's love life is a bit of a mess but Patrick is happily married. He is also a professional chef. Mabane Seleka is the lucky woman who won his heart.

5. Lerato Marabe

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This 1999 born actress has born actress has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for two years and the two have allegedly met each other's parents.

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