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The silent of a Crying Mother

HealingJournal 2d

What do we say to all these women beaten up into pulp.? What do we replace them with and how do we even try to be there for them when we don't know what they are feeling? They say love keeps them together and that's why they stay in a relationship where they see pain as love. That kind of  love that has no roofing of protection over their heads, well to them its a home to protect their kids to have a home and not go to sleep with an empty stomach and so they say. I believe that a woman don't need a man who have money because she need to have money of her own and stand up on her feet but here is the unemployment rate increasing every second of a day. Life is pain, every feeling seems so hard to can take especially when you have alot at stake, at times we just have to ignore our feelings and put other's first. What we don't know is how these women who are abused feel, some say  it is so helpless living with a fear because you can always expect a slap whenever you do something View pictures in App save up to 80% data. be it wrong or right. I can't be the judge to everything these women go through because when one think love is real no one can change that. The say love is kind but to me love is pain,stats rise every second of the day with a woman chased in the streets naked, with a woman bleeding so heavily but don't want to report it because she fears for her man's life. The feeling is usual, representing and speaking to every women battling to get out these kind of relationships and stop settling for pain in the name of kids. Do the right thing because their pain is numb, they have lost a say in your life.

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