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Marriage Material and Types

KopanoH 2d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The question and the comparison rages on as the societal norms and standards are forced on woman. Too much pressure is rendered on woman leaving them confused and sometimes desperate to be accepted. Marriage as we know it used to be a union celebrated by two families coming together. Though in some instances, marriage took away some woman rights, it wasn't as harsh and judgemental as it has become. Man used to a pillar of strength for woman and children but that now seems to be a thing of the past. Most man believe that woman are difficult beings to deal with. Woman think that man are not compassionate. The truth is that both genders are at fault for the failure to recognise and accept that though we are all humans, our differences are as clear as daylight. Dating nowadays has been blighted by the demands of inexistant qualities (type & marriage material). People are obsessed with dating their "type" which is just a glorified infatuation. People create in their minds the kind of relationship they want and the partner of their choice. This idealistic behaviour miles away from reality has led to so many hearts being broken beyond repair. People are so comfortable living a fake life that all morals, values, ethics and integrity fades away into thin air. Relationship compatibility is important and that has nothing to do with type. When looking to find a partner, look beyond the physicality. It is not the person's appearance that you will have to deal with your entire life but their attitude and personality. The adage "All that glitters is not Gold"; comes to mind. Some people are pretentious that they will show you what they want you to see. They will flatter, charm and mesmerize and you will think they're your type. Most people who try to fall in love with their "type" are incapable of finding happiness or experiencing true love. Most man when they are looking for their type, they are looking for some lady whom they will control anytime. A woman who will say nothing because she owes her life to the husband. This same mentality has become so common that woman are being deemed "Marriage Material" or not "Marriage Material", depending on their willingness to tolerate abuse from man. In my opinion, just like man, all woman are marriage material. A woman who ticks all boxes of "Marriage Material" could be married to a dictator of a husband. She would not allow herself to be bullied for the rest of her life. At a certain time in her marriage life, she will resist the autocracy and rebel against such treatment. Does she then losses her "Marriage Material" qualities? The answer is a big NO. It's very sad that woman are forced to change who they are when marriage requires that both husband and wife accept their partner without judgement. I would like to urge all man to be reasonable. Let's treat woman with fairness because if ever we want woman to be "Marriage Material", man should lead by example. Stop putting pressure on someone to do something you cannot do yourself. Marriage is not for childish people so start learning the differences. Woman should also stop allowing man to shame them for something which is not their fault. Many good woman have had their hearts broken because they have fallen for the wrong guy. Maybe it was because they chased after their "type" or they wanted to prove that they were "Marriage Material". Stop putting yourself in the firing line of man suffering from their own personal insecurities. Be yourself and don't try to be a "Marriage Material".

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