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Flaunt Your Curves - Curvy Lemmy Believes In Showing Off What God Gave Her

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Botswana Teacher who is highly blessed with what other women wish they had is proud of what God has blessed her with.

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Lemmy Mmamoremi from Botswana is unapologetically curvacious and she adores herself, she keeps her Instagram followers drooling with pictures she posts.

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She recently posted a beautiful picture of herself wearing a nice maroon dress which sits well on her gigantic curves and she captioned it with a very direct caption.

"When God gives you curves, flaunt them... #I love my body."

Surely if she is going with the saying that says:"If you have it, flaunt it." She is just putting that into practice since she has what it takes to flaunt.

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Lemmy who has over 60 thousand followers on Instagram have received a lot of comments on her recent picture with her followers appreciating what they see on her beautiful pictures.

One of her fans by the name of Roy Tshivhase was so appreciative he believes God gave Lemmy a good package.

"Curves on steriods. HD curves. God gave you curves, beauty and brains."

Another one Motswana Tlako said she dresses what matches her body.

"You are beautiful and you know how ro dress darls."

Being a Teacher by profess89m, surely Lemmy also teaches her learners how to take good care of themselves and ways stay clean.

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+234-803614**** · 09/22/2020
Food for the Ants
Dave4sky · 09/20/2020
disease 😩
GUEST_dZBMw2oZZ · 09/4/2020
very nice curvy
GRANDDADY · 07/17/2020
magnificent, gorgeous, incredible

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