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Angry Taxi Bosses In KZN Threatening The Government They Mean Business!

AliAliceFuel 06/26/2020

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This is the most difficult time for all people in KwaZulu-Natal province as things turn upside down because of transport issue. Angry taxi bosses mean business now. They are currently threatening to bring the entire province to a standstill (shutdown) if police don't allow them to take full loads.

It is reported that the taxi bosses gave their workers instructions of carry 70% capacity which was given by the government in order to combat the spread of the most pandemic disease Covid-19 and return with a load of 100%.

They reported to the newspapers that they are tired of empty promises they receive from the government. They say they won't even dare to accept R5 000 per taxi because this is undermining their industry for they say they government has agreed for planes to take full loads what about them how long will they continue with 10 passenger thing?

They say enough is enough. They say this is a warning to the government if it stops them from carrying full loads they will make the entire province to standstill .

Source: opera.com
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